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I'm a rat terrier that is an athlete, supermodel, spokesdoggie, philanthripist, businessdoggie and more.
This is my webpage where you can keep up on all that's going on in my life. 
My goals in life are to be happy, make others happy, help those who need it and to educate.
Recently I went to the Rainbow Bridge and so I'm reporting LIVE from "the other side"


You can see exactly who I am in these movies.
If you just want to know how I got to the rainbow bridge the blog post is here:

THE BLOG - Highlights here 
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From My Fans

I love to get mail. Especially when it says something nice about ME.
"You have a truly insightful vision and are so generous with your time and efforts to help needy doggies. You truly make a difference
in their lives. In mine too. "

- Mr. Willis
"the most interesting dog in the world" 
Planet Earth, The Universe. 
"Rickie Roo I love You. Thank you for coming to my school and doing a show for us. "

- Macie, Age 6
Chico, Texas

"Rickie Roo is my inspiration to enjoy life to its fullest, no matter what obstacles are thrown our way"
Rickie Roo's BFF
Lander, Wyoming
"Rickie Roo, you are an inspiration to all dogs and a role model to those who have overcome genetic disease."

Dr. Lisa G. Shaffer, PhD, 
CEO Paw Print Genetics and
Canine HealthCheck
Spokane, Washington

Go ahead. Write me. Either me or my momager will get back to you as soon as we can.
If you don't get an answer, you can try to contact me on twitter @REALrickieroo or my mom on facebook Deborah Davidson Harpur
Phone: 310.625.9580
Fax: 310.830.7080
Rickie Roo / PM2 Agility
PO Box 861
LA CA 90748