I am part of a big happy family. Actually, multiple families. I have my BURWAY family in Texas, I have my HARPUR family in California and I have my PM2 family ALL OVER THE WORLD. 
For my Los Angeles Family, we have Mommy & Daddy. Then in order of seniority, not pack order, is Gigi (5/02), Chili Dog (8/07), ME Rickie Roo (9/07) Gidget (3/08), LCpie (1/10,) Gabriel (7/10), Bunnee (3/11), Rhett (11/14) & Tierney (4/15). We also have KitKat, the fishes and a brand new baby lobster!
Some of our pack do not live at our house 'cause that's a LOT of critters but they are all either owned or co-owned by mommy. Daddy's in charge of non dogs. Mommy's in charge of dogs. 
In the Burway & PM2 Dog Agility Team families I have lots and lots of dogs and people, so I'll introduce them in the blog as I go. 

So happy to be a part of the PM2 Dog Agility Team

I am proud to be a BURWAY STAR

OH! You wanted to know about ME
Rickie Roo!

Well, I suppose I should tell you that I am a Rat Terrier who currently resides at the Rainbow Bridge
(AKA Heaven).

I was born in Texas in 2007 at Grandma Barbie's Rat Ranch.

Then I moved to CA and I began to learn agility. I'm good at agility.  I learned how to be a service dog for my mommy, and that is a VERY important job. She has severe asthma and you just never know what might almost kill her because it smells weird. Well I can tell. That's cause I'm special. 
She tells me that every single day. 

I am passionate about educating people on the importance of DNA genetic  health  testing for their dogs. I was bred before a test was invented for a genetic issue I live with every day, Primary Lens Luxation. Luckily Grammy B tested me and we found out I was at Risk for PLL so I had a great relationship with my eye vet. 

What is Primary Lens Luxation? Well in normal people or dog terms, the lens of your eyes are held there by lots of little threads. Like the strings on a parachute. If those stings break your lens will float somewhere they don't belong. If you don't get treatment promptly you can go blind and possibly lose your eyes. It's important to treat this issie promptly and to have a vet that will recognize it. 

That's enough about that. I have a special guy. His name is Mr. Willis and he came from Mars. He has a spaceship and is a mogul and owns most everything in the world. They found him by area 51 after the spaceship crashed and he didn't have the correct repair parts.

He was incarcerated as an illegal alien in Needles CA before he proved his innocence and was taken to a much nicer location - San Diego County in California. That's where my Aunt Mary adopted him
He went to law school with her and then started agility and we met. 

We met at the agility competitions and now we travel together and have so much fun.
We are known as the power couple.
Most of the time we let our other family members come with us, but sometimes he swings by in the spaceship and we sneak out.

I am generally a happy terrier unless you try to steal my stuff and then I might have to beat you up. I have some Gator jaws. They work mighty fine too. I will never start a fight but I'm not afraid to finish it.
You know the saying... DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS. 

As an athlete I like to do agility the best. I will do conformation and play at rally too. I have tried barn hunt and other activities like that and they are fun, but I'm best at agility. When i had to have my eye operations I sure did miss agility and I tried to do it wearning my cone of shame, which Dr. F tried to call a party hat.

When I'm working as a supermodel / actress / spokesdoggie,
I take my job very seriously and I pose and look good and do my best
to represent the products the way the client wants. I've been on magazine covers,
lots of features and even a centerfold.
Both me AND my sister Gigi were totally NAKED i n the centerfold. Mommy says it's ok for dogs to be naked. 

As a reporter I write for several publications, websites and love to interview people and dogs. I blog here on this site and share with you some of the STUFF I LIKE. I pretty much like to keep working as much as I can. When you work, you get paid! I prefer to be paid in MEATBALLS,
but chicken, string cheese, cookies or anything like that will work too.
Or money. Mommy will use the money and get me what I want.

I do a lot of fundraisers for different charities or fundraiser when I need money to pay for some trip or something expensive. 
I also do education programs for schools and go work as a therapy dog at a local facility for mentally challenged people. 

I love to snuggle and watch TV, kill my plush toys and keep busy either doing agility or blogging and / or being a supermodel, actress or spokesdoggie.  There is a lot more to know about me, but I suppose you can figure that out by reading my blog. 

I just moved from LA CA to a place they called the rainbow bridge. It's pretty nice here. I miss my mommy but they tell me she'll always be with me and that one day we'll be together.  For now, I'll just keep on reporting as usual. A busy dog is a happy dog mom says. 

xxx Rickie Roo

My Momager

I call her Mom or Mommy. Other people call her Deb, Deborah or Rickie Roo's Mom.
She's pretty OK for a momager. 
Sometimes I complain, but I doubt I would trade her for all the meatballs in the world. 
If you want to know more about her. Ask her. She'll tell you. Trust me.

Me & My Guy